We are glad to welcome you to our Community Supported Agriculture program for the upcoming 2015 growing season.  We are passionate believers in the value of CSA for both farmers and consumers.  This rapidly growing movement offers lots of hope for farmers to gain better marketing options for their products and for consumers to gain access to healthier locally grown food.  Perhaps one of the greater values of CSA is its potential to strengthen local communities by encouraging farmers to relate more closely to their customers and for their customers and their children to make stronger connections to the source of their food.

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2019 CSA Application

With any CSA membership you get foods fresh when they are in season.  This means that your food is more nutritious as you can eat more unprocessed foods—less sugar and more vitamins.

  • As far as we are aware we are the only Harrisonburg area CSA that includes berries and fruit.
  • We will purchase some produce from other growers in order to have a lot of variety each week.
  • The cost of a Glen Eco Farm CSA share is comparable to the cost of other local CSA farm shares.
  • We still offer a full or partial work share if you can work regularly.