Following is a summary of the inherent benefits and risks of CSA membership at Glen Eco Farm:


1)  Fresh locally produced and nutritious foods free from pesticide residues.

2)  A wide variety of vegetables and greens

3) Some fruit, berries, and herbs

4)  Opportunity to cultivate positive social relationships with local farmer(s).         

5)  Opportunity to teach your children where food really comes from.

6)  Improved physical and emotional health.

7)  Help to preserve family farms and “earth friendly” agriculture.


1)  Natural disasters , the weather, disease, or animals may cause reduced yields or crop failures.

2)  You may find occasional items in your share that you don’t like.

3)  You may at times find too little or too much of a specific item in your box.

4)  You may occasionally encounter an unexpected “creepy crawly” in your box.  

(Remember, we seek to maintain a peaceful co-existence with bugs, not necessarily to eradicate them.)

5)  Some highly perishable items may have started to deteriorate by the time you get your box.

            (Usually a problem if the box is picked up late.)

6)  You may lack knowledge of how to use or handle more unfamiliar items.

Generally we seek to provide as high a quality, as wide a variety, and as clean a product as is reasonably possible considering the fact that weather conditions, our work load, and other circumstances can have a considerable impact on the amount, variety, and condition of food in your boxes.  Though we can’t claim to do a perfect job, which suits every body every time, we do try our best to come as close to that perfection as we can. To help us provide you with variety and a full box, we purchase some produce from other local growers.

During the CSA season we email members weekly letting them know what they can expect to find in their box that week. In addition to emailing food handling tips and giving descriptions of unfamiliar food items, a CSA member sends recipes weekly.  Any CSA member may post any questions or comments via email as well.  In the event that any of these communication tools fail, there is always the phone–540-833-8802. Our email address is .