2019 Season: 22 weeks from May 21 through October 15

CSA Application

CSA Information

Glen Eco harvest schedule

CSA Membership:

  • One box of produce each week, for 22 weeks, containing 8-11 different vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Contents of the box reflect what is maturing in the garden that week. Each Tuesday the produce is harvested and divided equally amongst the members’ boxes. (Some produce may be purchased from other local growers to supplement.)
  • Option to work for your produce share. Because of all the harvesting and dividing which needs to be done on Tuesdays, we offer the option of working for all or half of your share if you are willing and able to work regularly at the farm every Tuesday during the CSA season. A full work share is 60 hours per season which is a little less than 3 hours per week. A half work share is 30 hours per season, either 3 hours every other week or 1.5 hours every week.
  • Vacation – If you are planning to be gone for one or more weeks, you have two options for handling your share.
    You can arrange for someone else to pick up and use your share.
    You can notify the farm at least 1 week in advance of your expected absence and receive a certificate for $20 that can be used at the Saturday Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market to purchase any produce for sale by Glen Eco Farm.
  • Egg Share available – 1 dozen, free-range chicken eggs each week throughout the CSA season.


  • Produce Share
    •  1/2 half share – $270 if paid by February  28, 2019
    • $462 if paid by February 28, 2019
    • $468 by March 27, 2019
    • $474 by May 15, 2019
  • Egg Share (optional) : $82.50  ($3.75 per dozen per week)

Tuesday Pick up Locations:
Members may choose to pick up their box in Harrisonburg (Friendly City Food Coop) or at the Glen Eco Farm. Due to the perishable nature of some items (especially berries), it is good to pick up your box as early as you can. Any box not picked up by 10 AM on Wednesday will be given away.

Note: Please check off your name at pick-up each week on the member list provided and also check off the names of anyone for whom you pick up a box.

  • Friendly City Food Coop – 150 Wolfe Street, Harrisonburg, VA
    5:00 PM – 7:00 PM on Tuesday
  • Glen Eco Farm – 10943 Wills Creek Road, Linville, VA
    (Almost 1 mile north of Singers Glen.)
    Anytime after 4:30 PM on Tuesday

Email Communications:

  • By Monday of each week, a list of items ready for harvest and expected to be in your box will be emailed to each CSA member.
  • Judi Miller researches and/or recommends recipes for these items and will email them to you weekly. If you have questions about items, you may contact her at
  • You are also welcome to share recipes with the group via email.

Packaging Materials Recycling:
We recycle/reuse lots of plastic grocery bags each week, as well as one-dozen size egg cartons, our berry boxes, and, of course, the milk crate into which we pack your produce. We appreciate your contributions and/or return of these materials in clean condition.

Here is a copy of our 2019 Glen Eco Farm CSA Application. Our deadline for accepting applications will be May 12. We welcome applications sent either by snail mail, e-mail, or just while stopping by the farm for a chat while you look over the place.

Contact us at

10943 Wills Creek Road

Linville, VA 22834

540 833-8802